1More Stylish True Wireless review: A very good-sounding true wireless headphone for less than $100

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The Good 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones sound excellent for a true wireless headphone, particularly for the price. They also have good battery life, fit pretty comfortably and maintain a reliable wireless connection. Simple one-button controls make them easy to operate.

The Bad Not great for making calls. Just calling them Stylish doesn't make them stylish. Noise-isolating design may be uncomfortable for some people.

The Bottom Line While they're a little generic-looking, the 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones deliver very good sound and decent battery life at an affordable price point.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Sound 8
  • Value 8

I don't really know how stylish the 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones are -- yes, that's really their name -- but they do sound quite good for their $100 price point, measuring up to and even beating true wireless earphones that cost significantly more.  

1More made a name for itself with its wired earbuds, the Triple Drivers, which sound great and were a good value when wired headphones were still a thing. The same clear, balanced sound found in that headphone is present in 1More's first true wireless earphones. While they may not sound quite as good as the Triple Drivers, they still sound very good for true wireless.

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The 1More logo isn't so stylin' but they don't look bad.

Sarah Tew/CNET

These have more of an audiophile sound profile, with more "accurate" sound, so bass lovers may be a tad disappointed, but I liked them. The treble has some nice sparkle to it, the bass manages to go pretty deep with good definition, and the midrange sounds natural and present without being too forward. 

Of course, it helped that I was able to get a tight seal with one of the included eartips. The stabilizer fin did nothing for me -- I just jammed the tip into my ear to get a secure fit -- but I found them pretty comfortable to wear (they do stick out little) and they are relatively lightweight. While they sound a little better than the Anker's Soundcore Liberty Air ($80 at Amazon), I found the Liberty Air more comfortable to wear. That's just me -- everyone's ears are different of course -- but sometimes comfort trumps sound quality. 

Battery life is rated at up 6.5 hours (expect closer to 5 if you listen to your music at higher volumes), with an extra 17 hours or so of battery life available from the charging case. That's a little better than what the majority of true wireless competitors are offering, with Apple's AirPods rated at 5 hours.

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