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Short Bio: These websites could be truly great if it weren't for Lee Koo and his buddy "Tex I don't know anything about digital cameras and if anyone does go away" and his dirty texan brat kids who he allowed to discourage true knowledgeable people from posting with their deletions and mockery just cause they happened to own a particular model of camera. I was so pissed by Tex that I went to his home just to sight him and those brats when they visited. Tex, you are now using all of the websites I posted to make your opinions seem valid while deleting mine and allowing those little cussers to harrass me and other pros who were driven away by what I have learned is true tex grit which is the = I run this site so sh#% on you. Lee backed this up. No Lee I wasn't watching you thru a lens but I sure did waste too much time deciding that most texans are asho. With boot cause they are sort and jeans just because of all the stupid things they do. A true firsthand experience. Remember that too many bushes never ruin jeans. Their favorite pastime is abusing woman and listening to music and get wet eyes.