Name: Josh Glasser

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    Short Bio: Drummer since the 3rd grade, DJ since 92, play piano, compose original ambient / soundtrack / electronica music. Programming & developing websites. Used to be an auto mechanic, construction worker (not a beefcake), telemarketer (first job in college), IS tech, Tech Support Manager, QA engineer. Tried out for Blue man Group in Chicago once and made the top cut out of 157 people but havent tried again since.

    Machine: Desktop: Custom Built - Intel P4 3.2 GHZ, 4GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM, SONY DRU500A DVD Burner, Maxtor 250 GB External Drive, Lian LI Aluminum Case, 4 RAID SATA 200GB internal drives, Gigatech neon adjustable cooling fans (whoopee) Laptop: HP DV6