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Short Bio: A property owner called us after his storefront was damaged during civil unrest. Several panes of glass were smashed and his store had been looted. He needed to protect his store without changing the existing window structure or adding security elements like gates or iron bars. In our years of security experience, this story was a common one. Store owners did not have a reliable, cost-effective choice for protecting window openings without sacrificing visual appeal. We realized that the most effective solution for our property owner would need to secure every window and glass door against an attack. Further, the system would need to be adaptable to the many various framing material sand configurations that made up this large span of glass doors and windows. Since we could not find an adequate product to recommend, we decided to make one. And after exhaustive research, development, and testing, Riot Glass™ was born. We know that the integrity of our systems is paramount. Every installation, every window and door, must be installed as if it will be the only barrier between an attacker and the precious lives, belongings, and merchandise behind it.

Tech Interests: Google news and products