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Short Bio: Original pc ever purchased ZEOS. Around 1987 It took me at that time six months reviewing information before I purchase it. Price push me in that direction. Second PC - Built it myself after about a year of enjoying the Zeos and opening it to examine every single component inside including making diagrams of component placements for future reference.

Machine: Samsung R780 - Win 7 64 Bit - Intel i5 Multi Core Processor - Hyperthreading with Turbo Boost from 2.26 Gigahertz to 2.66 - 8 GB or Ram 1066 Meghertz Bus Spead - 1 GB Dedicated Video Ram Nvidia GForce GT 330M - 500 GB Hard Drive 5400 rpm - Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - Dedicated Numeric Pad - Battery 6 Cell lasting 3 Hours