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Short Bio: A life in the electronics industry. Initially in Medical electronics, then creating an electronics design and production company,and finally a senior manager with Hewlett Packard for 17 years.Retired early in 1990. Since have designed and manufactured industrial electronics in a small way, built computers for many users and supported Kaspersky AV locally.

Machine: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R Ultra Reliable Intel E6420 FSB 1280 clk 2560. 1.35V Bios temps. Amb 18C CPU 44C System 38C 2048Mb 800Mhz DDR2 Kingston HyperX 4-4-4-12 160Gb WD SATAII Server grade Nvidia 8500GT 256Mb 160Gb WD eSATAII Server grade for backup. Samsung DVD writer x 18 Pioneer DVD writer 33 way card reader Thermaltake Matrix case with 430W Silent Power 17" Benq FP737s LCD monitor