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Name: Martin Weltchek

Location: Westland, MI, US

Occupation: Automotive Dirt in Paint Analyst

Member Since: April 7, 2007


A little about me

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Short Bio: Work all the time, pay bills, exercise and eat! Sleep as little as possible!!!

Tech Interests: Smart Appliances, Cell Phones, Televisions, Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, Software and Apps, How to Tech, Apple news and products, Microsoft news and products, Google news and products, Games and gear, Security, Social tech, Latest tech news

Os: Windows

Machine: I started out with a Commodore VIC-20 back in 1980 then moved on to the Commodore 64. I then switched over to WebTV in 1996 learned HTML through the web made a lot of cool websites. I then took a class at work learn how to build your own PC and been at it since! I built a Dedicated server been running it at a Col-Location since 2007 run about 20 games servers off of it, TeamSpeak 3 server and my website.