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Short Bio: Started working on computers in the 80's. Worked 2 years as a diesel mechanic then went back to school and got my BSN. Due to some circumstances ended up working PC support for Familian NW. Worked as an installer for Fujitsu Telecom for a while. Worked as install coordinator for MCI Worldcom, which was lots of fun due to all the Nortel training etc. After those layoffs I decided to work for myself. Besides the preschool I also repair handtools for some of the local and not so local dentists.

Machine: Asus MB A8n-sli AMD dual core processor 4400+ 2 gigs of corsair ram 7900 GS Video card 2 200 gig drives 1 250 gig drive 1 lighteon dvd drive A real Aluminum Case - Not the cheap "Aluminum" brand name case.