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Short Bio: I am retired (not by choice), just turned 50, married for almost 19 years with two adopted children, Alyssa, 15 and Anthony 9. I am a Christian and my number one hobby is Bible Study. Have a Bible System on my computer that is awesome. I love music and have about 13,000 songs on my ipod. I like some rock, Christian rock (some), Comtemporay Christian, Jazz, and Country. Kind of eclectic I guess. I love to read,spend time with my Lord and family, ride my Yami Roadstar fast.

Machine: Dell Inspiron 5150, Pentium 4 (280Mhz), 2 gig ram, 60 gig internal and 200 gig external hard drives, cd-r/rw, DVD, real sweet Creative speakers and amp (although I have a Bose Home Theater, I listen to most music on my computer or iPod)