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Short Bio: <h2> What is Physiotherapy? </h2> <p> Physiotherapy is defined as treating disease, injury, or deformity through physical methods like massage, joint manipulation, and other techniques outside of drugs or surgery. A physiotherapist provides advice, guidance, exercise, and manual therapy to people with disabilities, injury or illness. </p> <p> A key aspect of physiotherapy, is its holistic approach to wellness and treatment. It focuses on all aspects of the person including their lifestyle, health, and general well-being. </p> <p> Physiotherapy's goal is to assist individuals in remaining independent and contributing as active citizens of society. </p> <h2> Common Physiotherapy Methods </h2> <p> A majority of physiotherapy's techniques involve hands-on manipulations that mobilize, manipulate and massage the body. This allows for the relief of pain and stiffness as well as increased blood circulation. It also promotes movement and relaxation. Some examples of such techniques are: </p> <ul> <li> Massage to stimulate the soft tissues in the body </li> <li> Techniques for soft tissue like myofascial release and stretching </li> <li> Joint mobilization is a form of manipulation that uses the glide of the joint for motion, control, and function. </li> <li> Physiotherapy instrument mobilization (PIM) uses handcrafted instruments </li> <li> The use of minimal energy techniques (METs), which uses muscle's energy to relax muscles by using autogenic and reciprocal inhibition. They also lengthen the muscle. </li> <li> Osteopathy (acupuncture) and kinesiology </li> </ul> <h2> Physiotherapy has many health benefits </h2> <p> Some movement disorders are congenital and present at birth. Others can develop as a result of lifestyle or other factors. </p> <p> As a team, physiotherapists collaborate with their patients to advise on or guide them through certain exercises. They can promote walking and assist patients with their mobility issues. </p> <p> Patien

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