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Xbox 360 and Wii Greatest Gadget console vote is on a knife-edge

The battle for videogame supremacy in our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century face-off is going down to the wire. Only one can emerge victorious, and it's your call.

Wii and Xbox 360 fans, prepare to chew your knuckles off in a fit of nervous angst -- the battle between the two consoles hangs in the balance, with the Xbox 360 leading by only 1 per cent at the time of writing.

When we started writing this article the vote was split exactly 50/50, which just goes to show how quickly everything can change. 

Only one of these two gaming juggernauts can make it through to the final four, and while we adore both consoles, we're going to be forced to chuck one of them on the scrapheap.

Which one goes is ultimately up to you. Do you fancy the Wii for its innovative approach to gaming? Or do you prefer the hi-def, online thrills offered by Microsoft's machine?

The CNET UK staff are particularly excited about this match-up, and both Luke and Nick have a lot riding on the outcome -- earlier this week they went head to head to argue which console should emerge victorious.

If you haven't voted, now's the time, as there are still a few days of voting left in this round, and they need all the help they can get. Make sure you rope in your friends -- you could mobilise your book club to rise up in support of the Wii, or march on parliament with your school in the name of the Xbox!

If you've already voted, you can persuade your buddies to follow suit using the Twitter and Facebook tools on the voting page.