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Tech Industry

White House will host Facebook, Google and Amazon for AI summit

The Trump administration on Thursday will hear from almost 40 US tech companies about advances in artificial intelligence.

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The White House is hosting a summit on AI.

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Industry experts from some of the biggest names in tech are set to gather at the White House on Thursday to discuss advances in AI, according to the Washington Post.

Representatives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel and 34 other companies are expected to attend the White House summit on AI, where they will discuss with the Trump administration how to adapt regulations to accommodate advances in technology, said the Post on Tuesday. Government funding of advances in AI and other technologies is also reportedly on Thursday's agenda.

Facebook confirmed to us that its vice president of AI Jerome Pesenti would be attending the event.

All the big tech companies are experimenting with AI, and we're already starting to see the fruit of their labors in consumer products thanks to smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. But AI is also set to have wide-ranging impact across many industries, including agriculture, transportation and health care. 

Tech leaders haven't always been complimentary about President Trump's leadership of the US, but working together on the big issues is vital to securing funding for and regulating the development of new tech. Collaboration between industry and government helps to ensure these technologies are developed in accordance with US laws, as well as making sure laws that are out of date are refreshed to keep pace with the latest advances in tech.

Neither the White House nor Amazon or Google immediately responded to a request for comment.

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