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Where Pokestops don't stop: Oregon tops list of Pokemon-crazed places

Ranking the places that search the most for Pokemon, from sea to shining sea and Pokestop to crowded Pokegym.


Places that can't stop playing...

Niantic Labs

If you're hooked on Pokemon Go and you want to find more of the Poke-crazed tribe, head for Oregon, where a multitude of millennials stay fit by chasing Lapras and other Pokemon all day long.

At least, that's the impression thanks to some new number-crunching that finds the Beaver State is the most obsessed with the hit augmented-reality game.

Analytics firm Internet Service Partners came up with lists of the top 10 cities and states it describes as "most interested" in Pokemon Go, using data from Google Trends and the US Census as well as crowdsourced information. It looked at a state's number of millennials, the obesity rate and physical activity levels, the firm said in a blog post Thursday.

Oregon tops the list of states, perhaps because a whopping 44 percent of its population is made up of millennials.

It's also the No. 2 most physically active state, which may have something to do with the game's popularity because each of the next six most Pokemon-obsessed states (Idaho is No. 2, followed by Utah, West Virginia, Michigan, Texas and Arkansas) rank among the 12 most active states.

Wyoming, Iowa and Kansas round out the list of 10 states totally hooked on catching everything from Pikachu to Vaporeon. The final three aren't the most physically active of states, but they do have plenty of wide open space to roam around and catch 'em all.

As for popular Pokemon cities, they're literally all over the map. Detroit is the top town for Pokemon for some reason, followed by Boston, Orlando, San Antonio and Dallas. Portland, the largest city in the most Pokemon-obsessed state, comes in at No. 10.

Since the rankings are based on Google data, though, it does suggest an alternate theory: These lists could actually suggest the cities and states that are most perplexed by Pokemon and have taken to Google to try to figure out this crazy phenomenon that's taken over their world.

Internet Service Partners