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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch walk into a comic book store dressed as Doctor Strange

He even kept the accent.

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Benedict Cumberbatch decided to go into the belly of the beast: A Manhattan comic book store.


The year was 2016. A magical time when people could be within 1.5 meters of one another. Benedict Cumberbatch, who was in the middle of shooting Doctor Strange in New York City, decided to stroll into JHU Comic Books in Manhattan -- while in full costume -- in an attempt to thoroughly freak everyone in the store out. 

And of course it worked.

On Tuesday, the above footage was posted by Scott Derrickson, director of the Doctor Strange movie released in 2016. Back then, when Cumberbatch pulled the stunt, it was covered by a few outlets, but this is the first time we've seen proper footage of the Cumber-raid up close and personal. 

Probably the best part: Cumberbatch asking if he can get a job in the store if the movie bombs. "We can always use a good guy," comes the reply.

Thankfully Doctor Strange ended up grossing $677 million worldwide, a decent innings by all accounts.