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Vonage customers bolting for the exit. Try Skype next time

VOIP stinks, unless you stop paying and use Skype.

Vonage narrowed its loss this past quarter, but its customers are cutting their own losses with the struggling VOIP provider. I should know. I dumped Vonage two months ago and will never go back. Its service was terrible, both the customer support and the technology.

I'm with Comcast now for its Digital Voice offering and it's better (which is perhaps not surprising since Comcast intentionally hurts rival services on its network to preserve its own services). My problem now is that the Comcast VOIP boxes causes my wireless router to reset several times per day. Very, very aggravating.

The most surprising thing in all of this is how much better Skype is than either Vonage or Comcast Digital Voice.

When either of those services go down or the sound quality is poor, Skype soldiers on. Its sound quality is better than any other VOIP service I've tried...and yet it's free.

I wish someone besides eBay would have bought Skype. Someone like AT&T with a phone business that they could have married to Skype. For now, I use Skype whenever Comcast starts limping which is at least once per week. In those times, the little free service that could - Skype - has yet to fail me.

As for Comcast...? It crashed my router while I was trying to post this blog. Seriously.