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Dumping Vonage for Skype...and Comcast Digital Voice

I hate Vonage. And so I'm leaving it. For Skype.

I noted a few weeks ago that I was considering dropping Vonage for Skype. Today, I pulled the trigger. After several weeks with no Vonage, I've been much happier. Skype actually works most of the time. Vonage? Almost never (at least during this past year - it used to be much better).

So, today I canceled my Vonage account. So that I have a "real" phone service I also signed up for Comcast's Digital Voice service. I'll give that a spin for a few weeks to see if it's solid. If not, I'll dump it for Qwest (POTS line). I'll continue to use Skype for international calls (once or twice each day) and when convenient, which turns out to be quite often as I like keeping my phone/laptop tightly integrated.

Bye! Bye! Vonage!! I had a year or two of pleasant service from you, but far too many headaches this past year to continue shelling out $60-70/month. It might be Comcast's fault for throttling down my bandwidth used for Vonage, but guess what? I don't have the same problem with my Skype service.