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Vacuum sim lets you experience life as a Roomba

Ever wondered what it's like to be a robotic floor cleaner? Thanks to the free game Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013, you needn't wonder any longer.

Stolidus Simulations

Finally, the game that will knock Katamari Damacy off its lofty perch has arrived. The future lies not with collecting items with a giant sticky ball, but with cleaning them up, vacuum style. From Stolidus Simulations comes possibly the most amazing simulation game we've ever seen: Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013.

Calling itself "the most realistic robot vacuum simulator ever" (a claim with which we have absolutely no dispute), Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 sees you collecting detritus off the floor in a two modes: campaign and duel.

The game is a significant upgrade to its predecessor, Robot Vacuum Simulator 2012. While 2012 saw you steering your vacuum cleaner in a two-dimensional, top-down environment, 2013 has added a mind-blowing third dimension for a third-person perspective.

Other features include: "Incredible single-player simulation; duel with your friends in two-player mode; a fully open world; fantastic music; a main menu."

Over a massive open world consisting of at least three rooms (it's four), the campaign consists of vacuuming up all the rubbish across a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Duel mode racks up the tension exponentially: with one player on the arrow keys and the other on WASD, you have to race at a glacial pace to collect more rubbish than your foe -- all set to a deceptively jaunty jazz sound track.

The game (downloadable for free for PC and Mac) is an absolute tour de force. Soda Drinker Pro has nothing on this.

(Source: Crave Australia via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)