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Zoo trolls Patriots fans by naming a cockroach for Tom Brady

Even an under-inflated football would smash this tiny version of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

In an expert example of how to lose a Super Bowl bet, Georgia's Zoo Atlanta trolled New England Patriots fans, and gave the rest of us a good laugh.

The zoo had a bet on the big game with Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. Whichever zoo's team lost would have to name a baby animal after the opposing team's quarterback and post a video about it. And not just any baby animal, but a Madagascar hissing cockroach -- no matter which side lost.

The zoo introduced little-bitty Brady in an Instagram video posted Monday.

Best of all, tiny little Brady is joining a family that shares his name -- the zoo has dubbed the other roaches Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan. Cindy and Bobby. (Even though her last name wasn't Brady, we kind of want an Alice, too.)

He's so small, about five of him would fit on an adult thumbnail, so he wouldn't fare well against a defensive end like Atlanta's Dwight Freeney.

Not everyone loved the idea. "Yea not funny really," Instagram user lfenske wrote of the zoo's video. "Kinda petty."

But user noml_noml saw the positive side, considering roaches' reputation for indestructibility. "Fitting Brady would still be playing after the bomb drops. #invincible"

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