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Thor Mjolnir hammer purse holds all your superhero stuff

You, too, can wield the power of mighty Thor when you heft a hammer purse designed to look like the superhero's sturdy weapon.

Mjolnir purse
Bad guys will quake at the sight of your purse.Geek Retroactive

Last year, Marvel Comics debuted a new Thor comic book series that turned the Thunder God into a Thunder Goddess, as a worthy woman picked up the legendary hammer Mjolnir. The female Thor elicited a lot of different opinions, from those who embraced the concept to those who derided the idea as a misguided attempt at political correctness.

Whatever your opinion of that development, we can probably all agree that Etsy seller GeekRetroactive's Mjolnir purse is a pretty sweet accessory. It may not weigh as much as 300 billion elephants, but you'll appreciate that feature when you take it out for a night on the town or carry it into some other kind of battle.

The hammer's head is created from a cigar box covered in gunmetal-gray lambskin leather. Two magnetic snap closures keep your wallet and your change of superhero spandex safely locked in place. It can be worn across the body or with just the leather wrist strap, if you want to carry it like Thor would.

There may be only one Thor-approved Mjolnir, but GeekRetroactive is willing to make multiples of the purses, noting that each will be slightly different depending on the cigar box used as the base. The purse is selling for $250 (about £165, AU$320).

It's always heartening to see superhero accessories for adults. We recently celebrated the return of Underoos in grown-up sizes and the debut of wearable Marvel hero sleeping bags. Unlike those items, at least a Mjolnir purse is something you can feel pretty confident about showing off in public.

Thor purse
Your breastplate might not fit into here. GeekRetroactive

(Via Fashionably Geek)