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Thor tchotchkes to brighten a fan's Dark World

If the date November 8 means something important to you, you might, just might, be a huge Thor fan. You might also have cold feet.

Kelsey Adams Senior copy editor / Reviews
CNET senior copy editor and contributor Kelsey Adams was raised by computer programmers and writers, so she communicates best by keyboard. Loves genre fiction, RPGs, action movies; has long, fraught relationship with comics. Come talk to her on Twitter.
Kelsey Adams
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The real "Thor 2" movie poster

Working at CNET means working with people who know how to answer the question, "Most awesome Thor-related gift, any suggestions?"

I was looking for something to entertain my convalescing aunt, who's a big Thor fan from the Jack Kirby days. She's embraced the current Avengers series, including the Hemsworth movie despite its lack of Donald Blake, and has been counting down the days until the sequel.

During her recent hospital stay she even convinced someone to change the wording of the regular lucidity check she was being given from, "Do you know who the president is?" to, "Do you know when the new Thor movie opens?"

I wouldn't want you to think my aunt is some kind of one-dimensional Thor superfan. Obviously, she has other interests in life, like Iron Man. But with "The Dark World" coming up, it seemed like the right way to go for a cheerful, disposable sort of gift. Like flowers and grapes, but less Midgardian.

After asking around, I had a lot of possibilities to wade through. (The best one came from the girl who'd been hoping it was a thread about Thor-related GIFs, but sadly I can't reproduce that here for legal reasons.)

These USB drives are cute, but she'd already told me the handle proportion seemed off. These earbuds are gorgeous, but user reviews don't bode well for the sound quality. Larger hammers, helmets, and action figures would eat up storage space, though I couldn't resist getting her this keychain.

There were a couple of votes for "Adventures in Babysitting," which she'd already seen and remembers well. These comic book cover reproductions? I'd be bound to get it wrong (the one AFTER her favorite, the artist who made his nose look funny...) This undeniably amazeballs Loki hoodie? Hm...a little much. But these, these were perfect: Thor socks. Naturally!

Thor socks...with capes!
"They have caaaaapes! Caaaaaaapes!" Kelsey Adams/CNET

So, thanks, CNETers! My aunt's feeling a lot better, and I've found some new Web sites to waste money on. Now it's time to start thinking about holiday gifts. "Winter Soldier" earmuffs and electric blankets? Hulk long johns?

Thor socks, drying
She calls this "Drip-dry of the Gods." Kelsey Adams/CNET