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This PlayStation VR deal is the best we've ever seen

It's now cheaper than ever to get VR for your PS4.


The PlayStation VR headset and controllers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Still don't have PlayStation VR for your PlayStation 4? This may be the best time to get it.

Sony just discounted a few of its VR bundles, including this PSVR bundle with Skyrim for $250. For that price you get Sony's VR headset, a pair of Move controllers, the PlayStation Camera and the immensely popular game Skyrim in VR.

That's a great deal considering that PSVR cost $500 when it was introduced in 2016 (and that didn't even include a game or controllers). Sony has discounted some PSVR bundles since, but the lowest we've seen the Skyrim package was $335 during Sony's Black Friday sale. It's normally $350 these days, so you're looking at a $100 savings easy.

Skyrim not your thing? Sony's PlayStation VR bundle with Doom is also on sale for $200 (also a $100 savings) but you don't get the Move controllers.