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This cotton candy PC case mod feeds all your cravings

There's no better fuel for a long gaming session than pure sugar. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

PC modder Mike Petereyns with his custom Cotton Candy case mod.

Claire Reilly/CNET

Every year, the heavyweights of PC gaming come to Computex in Taiwan to show off their latest and greatest hardware.

But there's a creative side to all these chips and cables. On the show floor are fans who bring creative DIY projects, often in the form of stylishly crafted custom PCs.

And our favourite? The case mod that feeds your gaming urges, as well as your sugar cravings.

Created by Belgian modder Mike Petereyns for MSI's Computex booth, this mod features an Intel i3-6300 CPU, custom liquid cooling and, most importantly, a fully functional cotton candy machine.

With external power from the MSI GTX 780 Ti Lightning graphics card and a monitor plugged in, the rig also has some gaming power. (Petereyn says he's been using it to play The Witcher games. Not everything on this machine is light and fluffy.)

So why combine a cotton candy machine with a gaming rig?

"This is your candy," he says pointing to the cotton candy machine, before looking at his hand-built PC.

"And this is my candy."

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