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The 'Von Doom' that came to fan films

An indie filmmaker spent the past year making a Doctor Doom origin story fan film, and he's given us a very detailed look into his process.

If you've ever wondered what goes into making a superhero fan film (or a tyrannical Latverian sorcerer), wonder no more. Ivan Kander of Lucky 9 Studios has written, edited and directed a 13-minute fan film about Marvel comics supervillain Doctor Doom, and he managed to get it made for the modest budget of $11,292.83.

That might seem oddly specific, but Kander's accounted for every cent in a lengthy blog post that details exactly how he made "Von Doom".

It's a rare look behind the camera on a very indie production. "I'm a big fan of transparency, and, well, for some dumb reason, most indie filmmakers aren't very transparent about their process," said Kander.

Plus, it's Doctor Doom, a character who's been a little shortchanged by Fox's various "Fantastic Four" cinematic adaptations. Keen-eyed MCU fans will note some very specific spell casting gestures, and of course, stay tuned for an after-the-credits stinger.