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Talking hand grip replaces personal trainer

Just what we need, a chatty piece of exercise equipment.

HSN Improvements

Maybe we've seen too many bad sci-fi movies, but the thought of a gadget that talks to us is a little unnerving--especially if it involves our physical well-being. We suppose that the intentions are good, given that it's about exercise and all, but the last thing we need is some mechanical voice assessing our performance. Even if it is a "pleasant female" one, as GadgetGrid says.

Aside from that, the "Talking Digital Hand Grip" is just an updated version of the old squeeze strengtheners you can still find lying around gyms and hall closets everywhere. Other than HAL-like voice, its features include controls for various tension levels and a small LCD screen that shows your results.

But we already have another gadget in mind to converse with, one that involves much less strenuous activity: the talking barbecue thermometer.