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Talking thermometer tells you how to grill

Works for lazy or incompetent barbecue chefs

Oregon Scientific

It was only afew days ago that we hought we'd found the ultimate barbecue tool with the "Redi-Chek Remote Thermometer," which monitors your culinary feats wirelessly from up to 100 feet away while you watch TV. How wrong we were.

Oregon Scientific has weighed in with a wireless version of its own that monitors your steaks from a distance up to 330 feet so you can even see the game on the neighbor's new plasma. But here's the real kicker: It talks to you. The "Grill Right" thermometer can "verbally alert you" in five languages when the meat is cooked to specification.

Not only that, but for the barbecue-challenged among us, the handheld unit's LCD screen will display a picture of the type of animal that's been dispatched for the grill, along with a wealth of other information. As they say on generic infomercials (redundant?), this is one gadget that can suit any lifestyle, whether you're using a George Foreman iGrill or a 24-carat gold-plated BeefEater.