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'Stranger Things' gets hilarious Bad Lip Reading treatment

Steve and his hair grab all the best lines when the Netflix hit turns into a whole new show.

The videos from Bad Lip Reading are so bad, they're good. (Don't miss President Trump's inauguration, "The Force Awakens" and Yoda wailing about seagulls.)

In the newest video, posted Saturday, Netflix hit "Stranger Things" gets the treatment, which overlays funny phrases over the show's own dialogue. It starts off by giving the sci-fi/horror drama some 1980s sitcom-style titles, complete with rhyming theme-song lyrics and "Wonder Years"-style narration. Group hug, everybody!

And once the 18-minute video gets rolling, all the major characters come in for a tease. Mike's got "Superfreak" dreams. Barb has some hairy requests for her friend Nancy. Eleven's having trouble with simple words. Chief Hopper and Joyce argue about music. Lucas spilled some bacon. But the best scenes belong to Steve (renamed "Steve Hair," from "Steve Harrington" here). Yeah, man, "there are other fish in the sink."

It all comes full circle at the video's end when Jonathan and Will are grooving to that classic 2016 Bad Lip Reading hit, Yoda's "Seagulls! (Stop It Now.)"

It's good to know that things get funnier when they get "Stranger."