Yoda wails about seagulls in new Bad Lip Reading video

Luke Skywalker is having a bad day, but Master Yoda knows the only cure is a terrifically weird song.

The folks at Bad Lip Reading have given Star Wars fans an early holiday gift. On Friday, the hit YouTube channel released a video working their magic on the Yoda-Luke Skywalker Jedi training scene from "The Empire Strikes Back," and the Force is with it.

It starts out with poor farmboy Luke having a tough day. ("I hate Brenda, and a bad guy hit me in the shin, and I peed all over my pants!") But seems Master Yoda's got a cure for that, and it involves the little green guy singing a terrifically catchy little tune about why he's not fond of seagulls. Something about poking him in the coconut, and we don't know a lot about Yoda's anatomy, but that sounds kinda painful.

The famous scene where Yoda zips around attached to Luke's back comes in for some hilarious lip-reading translation too. Yoda makes a pretty good backpack, it turns out.

Bad Lip Reading addicts may remember a shorter version of Yoda's seagull song mixed into this longer "Empire" video from a year ago. Yep, he's still kinda pitchy, but who died and made Luke the Simon Cowell of space anyway?