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Sony patents a PS Move control with ultrasonic, IR

Sony has patented a redesigned PS Move control with new skills for greater accuracy and more gaming potential.

Sony's PlayStation Move could be about to get a redesign. According to a patent application spotted by Engadget, Sony is planning on adding ultrasonic location analysis to the control, as well as Wiimote-style IR tracking.

Translation: greater accuracy, allowing for enhanced waving-about abilities in games.

The application details a "method for determining location of a controller". It'll measure the depth of the control (i.e. how far it is from the telly) by calculating how long sound takes to travel from the device to the TV-mounted sensor. 2D tracking is already present and correct, thanks to the Move's visual spectrum camera, but it could also add a display-mounted infrared emitter to tie-in with the remote-mounted sensor. Sound a bit like the Wii to anyone else?

Though it promises to be even more accurate than Nintendo's console, if the visuals that accompany the application are anything to go by. Check out that footballing fellow -- dangerous or what? I wouldn't fancy trying that in my lounge. You get the idea though. The sensor will be able to track the exact position of the controls (whether they're in your hand or taped to your ankles) to create a simulated version of yourself on screen. Just mind the coffee table.

The Move wand looks different too, and has swappable faceplates in the illustrations. Intriguing.

There's no word on when this will come out, or even if it'll see the light of day at all. But it could be one for the PS4. Along with the hybrid Move/DualShock controller we spotted last month, perhaps. Now that would really add some firepower to the forthcoming console's arsenal.

What do you reckon of the patent? Can it take on the Wii? Or will Kinect always be king of motion gaming? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

Image credit: FPO