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Sony cuts number of consoles you can tie to your PSN account

Sony has changed its PlayStation Store terms and conditions, meaning you can now only access games you've downloaded on two consoles.

Sony is now restricting the number of consoles you can access your PlayStation Store purchases from, in a bid to crack down on people sharing games, the BBC reports.

Sony broke the news in a post on its blog, with the new terms and conditions coming into effect as of 18 November (last Friday). Anything you've bought since then will now only be accessible on two activated PS3 consoles, or two activated PSP consoles.

Prior to the changes, you used to be able to access PlayStation Store downloads from five different consoles.

It's reckoned that Sony's logic is that people are sharing one PSN account to access the same pool of delicious downloads without paying individually, the scamps.

Right now the changes apply to gamers in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. We wouldn't be at all surprised if the same policy is enforced in the US before long.

We suspect these changes won't practically affect too many people -- there can't be that many gamers out there using more than two PS3 consoles tied to one PlayStation Network account. But we can understand why some gamers would be dismayed by the news, as it does restrict your options.

A new PlayStation Network account management website will let you deactivate devices attached to your PSN account using your computer. 

Sony recently changed its terms and conditions so that gamers must waive the option to take class action against the company, in the event that Sony loses all your personal data. Again.

What do you think of the changes? Will they affect you? Is Sony treating its loyal customers fairly? Is there anything wrong with people sharing PSN accounts? Tell us down in the comments, on Facebook or over at our Google+ page.