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Someone re-created Mario Kart in Fortnite Playground

"We heard you like games. So we put a game in your game so you can game while you game."

Nintendo / Epic Games

Turns out you can get a lot done in Fortnite when someone isn't actively trying to destroy you.

Fortnite's new Playground mode has only just gone live, but already people are using it to get creative in the game -- including Reddit user JoshB_C, who posted a re-creation of Mario Kart built entirely inside Fortnite's world. 

Rather than Fortnite's usual Battle Royale gameplay which puts players in an ever-tightening arena to kill or be killed, the Playground Limited Time Mode lets groups of up to four players explore a map without having to worry about being killed by strangers.

But with friendly-fire rules meaning players respawn after they die, there's lots of time to explore.

Fortnite has just launched on Nintendo Switch so it kinda makes sense in a beautiful way? But the so-called "cars" still driving like shopping carts...