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Smart bracelet glows with smartphone notifications

Turn off your ringer and get your smartphone alerts and notifications in a rainbow of colors with the Embrace+ smart bracelet.

Embrace+ bracelet
Embrace an Embrace+ bracelet. Emrbace+

Your phone isn't always handy. It's tucked away in a purse, on a table in another room, or lost in the depths of your messenger bag slung across your back as you're biking. When it goes off, you can rush to find it, or you could get an Embrace+ smart bracelet and get an alert right on your wrist.

The notifications can be customized for incoming calls, app alerts, and messages. For example, your boyfriend could flash green and your mother could flash red. A calendar alert could flash yellow. You wouldn't even need to hear your phone to know who's calling. You can also set it for low-battery alerts, alarms, and social-media notifications.

The Embrace+ is raising funds on Kickstarter to take the Bluetooth smart bracelet from prototype form into manufacturing. The bracelet will be available in three slightly different shapes at a pledge price of $49. The Embrace+ app for Android and iOS lets you dial in particular colors to go with each kind of alert. The app also lets you set blinks, the duration of blinks, brightness, and vibrations.

The Embrace+ is expected to have a 10-day battery life based on 100 notifications per day. The creators are working on making the bracelet waterproof so you can shower and still get your notifications.

This smart bracelet is shaping up as an elegant way to get your smartphone notifications. It would certainly be welcome in restaurants and movie theaters as a polite alternative to your phone blasting "Baby Got Back" when you get a call.