Amiigo fitness bracelet knows what exercise you're doing

Smart bracelet can recognize weight reps, pool laps, and dozens of other workouts. Link it to your phone and track your progress.

Tim Hornyak
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Tim Hornyak
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We've seen fitness trackers before, but here's one with impressive smarts. The Amiigo can automatically identify more than 100 activities with custom algorithms.

Amiigo is a waterproof bracelet and shoe clip that not only counts how many bicep curls or golf swings you do, but monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, activity level, and the number of calories burned, according to the gadget's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Sensors and machine-learning algorithms identify the exercise you're performing, and store the data in the device before uploading it to your mobile device. The tech can discriminate between running on the treadmill, for instance, and exercising on an elliptical machine.

Past data can be used to recommend better exercise programs, so it's more useful the longer you use it, according to the backers.

The bracelet and clip can monitor your workout together, or you can use only one. The Amiigo also lets you record new exercises and can then log how many reps you perform.

Link it to your iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 and you can use the data to see how well you're doing, or share results with friends.

You can earn points for each workout, and then wager them with friends in exercise competitions, or redeem them for discounts on fitness goods.

It's no surprise that the campaign has already met its $90,000 goal, with early-bird $89 deals on the bands and clips sold out. The Amiigo now starts at $99, but you'll have to wait until June for delivery of these stylish little motivators.

Meanwhile, check out the promo vid below.