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Facebook gets the charm bracelet treatment

A charming Kickstarter project takes Facebook photos and makes them wearable and shareable.

Top Charms keychain
Wear your Facebook status around offline.
Top Charms

Kickstarter project Top Charms traces its lineage back to the lockets of the 17th century. At its heart, it serves pretty much the same purpose of carrying a photo as a reminder or token.

Top Charms takes a modern detour with a Facebook connection. It consists of a photo charm kit and a Facebook application. You pick out a photo on Facebook, resize it with the app, crop it to fit in a small circle, and then print it out. A photo punch cuts it into the right size to fit into a Top Charms charm frame.

The charms are magnetic, so you can switch them out at will. They can go on a key chain, bracelet, cuff links, necklace, or just about anywhere else you want to fit them. The app also shares the image you are wearing with your friends and let's you tell them why you are wearing it.

This all makes sense for people who want to make a physical connection between their Facebook lives and the real world. Top Charms captured enough imaginations to reach its $5,000 funding goal within 48 hours of launching the Kickstarter. You can get in on the Facebook fashion statement for a pledge of $15.

The charms can go anywhere you want to fit them. Top Charms