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Seinfeld's apartment meets Doom, yada yada yada

Serenity now! Become the master of your domain with this map that lets you combine the shoot-'em-up video game with the show about nothing.

Feeling angry today, my friends? Like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli? Now you can take out your irritation on George Costanza and the rest of the "Seinfeld" crew with a custom "Doom II" map that re-creates Jerry Seinfeld's television apartment.

At first, it's kinda comforting to watch creator Doug Keener's two-minute video and see our old friends strolling around realistically replicated sets from the hit 1990s sitcom.

But things soon turn as serious as Elaine's humorless dad when the characters start getting blown away in full-on Doom fashion. (George yells "Serenity now!" as he's blasted into a bloody pulp, and Elaine, of course, shrieks "Get OUT!"). If you want to see all the other "Seinfeld" homages, download the map from Google Drive.

In the YouTube video, posted Monday, Keener confesses he feels a little bad about the bloodshed. "I am a massive fan of Seinfeld," he writes. "The characters were put into the replica as a bonus to add to the tribute. The only reason they are killable is because I wanted to keep it in traditional Doom fashion, because what is Doom without violence and death? This is in no way a "hate video.'"

Except maybe when you get to Newman, because that smarmy mailman always had it coming.

(Via The Verge)