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Sense8's series finale is now live on Netflix

Sense8 fans can watch the ending now.


The finale of Sense8 is streaming now on Netflix.


Sense8's final episode, which Netflix greenlit after the series was cancelled after outcry from bereft fans, is now streaming on Netflix.

The show, about eight psychically bonded individuals, ran for two seasons before Netflix announced its cancellation in June last year. While it wasn't given as a specific reason for its cancellation, the show reportedly cost a huge $9 million per episode.

Fans were not happy about the sudden end to the show's adventure, with letters and petitions ultimately pushing Netflix to commission a two-and-a-half hour finale for the show. The show's Twitter account announced the episode's availability Friday morning with a short video thanking fans, saying, "This is for you."

The entire Sense8 series will remain on Netflix for streaming, and if you haven't watched it yet, here are the eight reasons why you should get started right away.

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