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Rumor Has It: The ultimate cable killer coming from Boxee?

This week on the Internet's tech rumor roundup, we check out The Verge's hands-on pictures of what it claims is a new device from media-streamer Boxee.

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According to the report, the rumored new device would combine a TV tuner with a DVR and media-streaming capabilities, so you could record over-the-air TV. Do you care? Emily does, but she could be alone on this one -- just like she's alone in not knowing who one of America's favorite stars is.

Also, Facebook might finally release a native Android app so HTML5 will stop holding everyone back from stalking their friends at the speed of light.

Speaking of light, Sony's next flagship phone could be made out of a Norse god's lightning bolt and hail from a land called Asgard.

Do yourself a favor and don't miss the bonus blooper reel this week, folks. And let your voice be heard -- vote in our poll!

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