Boxee readying new set-top box with DVR support?

Move over Roku, Apple TV, and others. Boxee's supposedly readying a more coherent all-in-one entertainment solution to combat the staggering number of set-top boxes trying to rule the roost.

The next Boxee? The SD card sits on top as a size reference. The Verge

The makers of the Boxee Box set-top box appear close to releasing its successor in the coming months, and it could offer support for over-the-air live television, as well as DVR support and the usual cast and crew of Web apps.

Sadly, those looking for the next great aesthetic breakthrough from the company might find the leaked device a bit uninspiring. Photos supplied from The Verge indicate that the Boxee TV might shed its predecessor's cube-like design for a more conventional rectangular prism look with a matte black finish.

Despite what appear to be uninspiring looks, the Boxee TV, made in collaboration with D-Link, appears ready to offer a coherent setup for those looking to cut the cord. With a built-in tuner, the Boxee TV would make it possible for someone to plug in a coax cable for over-the-air television from an external source such as an HD antenna. Previous Boxee Box owners had to purchase a separate $49 Boxee Live TV dongle to accomplish this on top of the cost of the set-top box, so it makes sense to integrate those two products.

Aside from a coax input, the Boxee TV offers a Wi-Fi, HDMI output, Ethernet, and several USB ports, according to the leaked photos. The supposed box for the device features marketing literature that indicates tablet and smartphone remote control capabilities, as well as an included antenna. A more simplified remote (sans keyboard) may make its way with the Boxee TV package, as well, with only a few buttons for navigation and playback controls.