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Rock Band 3 gets its keytar

It's official: the newest version of Rock Band will add yet another musical instrument to its arsenal of plastic peripherals, but this one should satisfy wannabe Billy Joels.


Thanks to a Green Day Rock Band tease, this was one of the least-kept secrets leading up to E3, but nevertheless, here's the visual proof: Rock Band 3 is getting itself a keytar. We felt certain enough to make it one of our "lock" predictions at this year's E3. Well, check that off the list.

EA/MTV/Harmonix's franchise already has 2,000-plus songs, a variety of discs, and a band full of instruments including guitars, bass, three-part microphone harmony, and drums. The newest game will have 83 songs from 83 bands and support for the rest of the Rock Band library online, but keyboarding will be the next highly-touted feature after last year's vocal harmonies and drums the year before.

It looks like the keytar will be able to be used both as a horizontal keyboard and in an over-the-shoulder orientation. It also seems to have far more keys than a standard Rock Band instrument, although color coding above suggests that blocks of keys will act as a single button-press. The only question is, with this many plastic pieces in play, a) do you have enough friends for Rock Band, and b) do you really want this much plastic junk at home? Stay tuned for hands-on impressions next week at E3.