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Rick and Morty tweets out Pickle Rick episode blooper reel

Show co-creator Justin Roiland just can't dill with a particular line from the infamous episode.

Turns out there were a few sour moments in Rick and Morty's infamous 2017 Pickle Rick episode.

The official Twitter account for the Adult Swim animated show shared a blooper reel on Monday of one particular line that co-creator Justin Roiland just couldn't deliver. In the episode, Roiland, who voices both Rick and Morty, had turned himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy. This makes sense in Rick and Morty Land. 

But then as Pickle Rick, he has to tell his daughter he understands why his awkward grandson Morty might not trust him, and he just loses it time after time. It's a two-minute laugh riot for Rick and Morty fans as Roiland desperately tries to regain his composure.

There's no set date for when Rick and Morty will return, but we do know the writers are back at work.