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Rick and Morty deliver creepy birthday card to Kanye West

Mad scientist Rick sneaks into the rapper's bed to steal some hair and clone him. So, just a normal 41st birthday for anyone.

Rapper Kanye West turned 41 on Friday, and landed a special -- and also kind of creepy -- birthday gift.

Wife Kim Kardashian West tweeted out a special audio birthday card in which Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland has both his famous characters wish West a happy b-day. But this being Rick & Morty, they don't sing the traditional birthday song and eat some cake.

Instead the mad scientist grandfather and his nervous grandson narrate how they crawled into West's bed and even stole some of his hair, with Rick declaring he has plans to clone the rapper.

Back in May, when it was announced that Rick & Morty had been renewed for 70 more episodes, West shared his excitement and revealed he's a big fan.