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This Funko 'Rick and Morty' Portal Gun is set for adventure

Pretend to be a mad scientist traveling to parallel universes with this highly detailed "Rick and Morty" Portal Gun replica.

Pretend to be opening an entrance to a parallel universe with this "Rick and Morty" Portal Gun replica.


Like the idea of following an uncouth scientist and his easily manipulated grandson as they travel through parallel universes? Then you're probably already a fan of the Adult Swim animated comedy series "Rick and Morty."

One of the main characters' favorite devices is a Portal Gun. It's a handheld gadget that shoots a green portal onto any surface, allowing Rick and Morty to travel between infinite dimensions.

Now you can get your hands on Portal Gun replica (non-working, of course) from Funko this November. No price is listed, as of yet.

The gadget consists of three plastic emitters in the front of the gun, a red display, a black knob and a green "plasma" tube on top. 

Pull the trigger to watch the Portal Gun "emit a variety of lights and noises." 

If Funko's replica isn't cool enough for you, try making your own Portal Gun using a PVC pipe, green plastic shot glasses and a bubble wand.