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Amazon's toy catalog fills the Toys R Us-size hole in your heart

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Amazon just mailed out its holiday toy catalog.


The season of holiday shopping is upon us, and while Toys R Us is teetering on the edge of extinction, another retail giant has stepped in to be your go-to place for toy shopping: Amazon.

Amazon has mailed out its holiday toy catalog, which can be seen here (PDF). Amazon breaks its toys down into different sections, ranging from Lego sets and other building toys, to superhero and Disney toys, to tech toys (video games and electronics), board games and more.

The Amazon catalog doesn't list prices, but pages have QR codes to scan. More info about products can be seen online at

Amazon announced the catalog back in November, and a Amazon spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that the company shipped out the catalog to millions of customers. The physical catalog can also be found in Amazon Bookstores and physical retail locations.

The Toys R Us holiday catalog may have played a big role in holiday shopping over the years for kids and parents alike, but perhaps the Amazon catalog will take its place for future generations.

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