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Razer Nabu wearable launching in limited beta on July 10

If you're interested in Razer's upcoming smartwatch-fitness band hybrid, there's a chance to test one out this summer for just a dollar. You just have to be lucky enough to win.


There's one place in the world where you don't hear much about wearable tech: E3. Razer, the PC gaming hardware company, is the exception: the Razer Nabu , a smartwatch-fitness band, with two OLED displays on the top and bottom and Pebble-style call and notification capabilities, was unveiled back at CES in January. It still hasn't been officially launched. But, a few eager fans will be able to buy early versions of the Nabu on July 10 for a dollar, provided they're willing to be beta testers.

To win a chance, you'll have to enroll in the Nabu Beta Program first. And even if you win a chance to buy one, you have to give hardware and software feedback to Razer's engineering team.

Razer says the Nabu has already started to be shipped to early developers who have signed up to the Nabu Developer Program, where they can be bought for $49.99. A free SDK is already available.

The Nabu will work with the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, and Android 4.3 and greater devices, is water-resistant, and has a 5- to 7-day battery life. Razer's aim is to make the Nabu work as a message-receiving device while playing games, too. But finding developers who will take advantage of the Nabu could be a challenge, especially in a crowded wearable space. But, if you win a spot, at least it's a cheap ticket to wearable tech.

Razer has made other E3 announcements, but mostly on the smaller side: an iPhone game controller case called Junglecat, Razer Kraken Pro and Neon headphones, and a new line of Razer-designed PC cases.