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R2-D2 Xbox 360 with Kinect Star Wars is Artoo cool for words

These aren't the droids you're looking for, but this is the Xbox you've been waiting for: a Kinect Star Wars R2-D2-styled Xbox 360 console. Beep boop whistle beep.

These aren't the droids you're looking for, but this is the Xbox you've been waiting for. Get your own R2 unit as you play Kinect Star Wars with this new Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 console styled after the pluckiest R2 droid in a galaxy far, far away. Beep boop whistle beep.

The 320GB Xbox is finished in the distinctive blue and white paint job of R2-D2 and even makes R2-style noises. The wireless game controller, decked in the gold livery of C-3PO, is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.

The Kinect sensor is white, and a wired headset is also included.

New game Kinect Star Wars throws you into the Star Wars saga, fighting with lightsabers, and using the force to take on Imperial Stormtroopers and battle droids, or piloting speeder bikes, X-Wing fighters and podracers, just by waving your arms around. Two people can play at the same time, but remember to choose your playing partner carefully -- and let the Wookiee win.

Microsoft and LucasArts revealed the console at San Diego Comic-Con this week, where the geekiest of the geek gather to celebrate the latest and greatest comics, movies and games. If we told you half the things we've heard about this Comic-Con thing, you'd probably short circuit.

As much as we love Artoo, we'd really love an Imperial-themed console. You don't think that'd be cool? We find your lack of faith... disturbing.

The limited-edition Kinect Star Wars bundle costs £350 and makes the jump to lightspeed in December. Will you be using the force with this special-edition Xbox? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. And may the force be with you.