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Quantum Break dev was 'pushing' for PC version, 'baffled' by response

Remedy creative director Sam Lake: "People are very passionate [and] have a feeling of ownership on their chosen platform."

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Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment's time-bending action game Quantum Break was announced as an Xbox One-only game, but a PC edition was revealed in February this year. As it turns out, the studio had been thinking about bringing the game to PC for quite some time before the announcement. Now, Remedy creative director Sam Lake has spoken up to say the studio was "pushing for the PC version," in part because the developer has a strong heritage with PC and many fans of the platform.

"From a developer's perspective, it's always good news to make our creations available for a potentially wider audience," Lake told MCV in a new interview. "That to me was what it was. I'm really happy that there's a PC version and everyone at Remedy is really happy."

Not everyone was pleased by the announcement of Quantum Break's PC edition in February. Lake said he was initially "baffled" by the reaction to this, but he now sees where some were coming from.

"I do kind of understand the reaction, stepping back and thinking about it," he said. "People are very passionate [and] have a feeling of ownership on their chosen platform. That passion is very important to us because when people are passionate they are willing to fight and spread the word. I understand and appreciate that.

"But sometimes it can turn into negativity."

Quantum Break is due to launch on April 5 for Xbox One and PC. Everyone who preorders the digital version for Xbox One gets a free Windows 10 copy. Quantum Break will not be sold on Steam, but instead only through the Windows 10 Store.

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