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Q2 cubist Internet radio finally hits the States

The Q2 motion-controlled Wi-Fi Internet radio has been out in the U.K. for years, but it finally reaches the U.S. at CES.

Q2 Internet radio
The Q2 is just 4 inches square. Armour Home Electronics

LAS VEGAS--The United Kingdom has been in on the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet radio for years. CES 2012 marks the stateside debut for the funky music cube from Armour Home Electronics.

We first covered the device way back in 2009. Better late than never, right? The biggest selling point besides the compact size is the motion control for volume and switching stations.

The Q2 has no dials, knobs, switches, or buttons, or any other fiddly interfaces that you typically find on radios. Tilt it forward or back to raise or lower the volume. Tip it over to change the station.

There are four station presets that can be arranged via computer. It has a rechargeable battery and headphone jack. The Q2 is available in colors ranging from emo-style black to girly pink.

Since the royal wedding was such a hit in the U.S., it's no surprise the Q2's maker is now trying its luck in the former colony. The $130 Q2 should hit the spot for people who are both Anglophiles and hands-on gadget freaks.