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The PlayStation 4 Slim is real (unless it's an elaborate hoax)

Ahead of Sony's September 7 event, people appear to have gotten their hands on an unannounced PlayStation 4 successor.

Laura Kate/YouTube

The alleged PlayStation 4 Slim.

Laura Dale

Here's a rare treat -- pictures and video of a brand-new PlayStation that Sony has yet to reveal.

Sure, in this age of 3D printing, we can't be certain. Perhaps every person who's seen one, including Eurogamer journalist Richard Leadbetter, are all in on an elaborate hoax.

Or perhaps this latest video, by games journo Laura Dale, is totally real.

It sure does look like one of Sony's surprises has been spoiled: A slimmer PlayStation 4 with a slightly revised controller, an easier-to-replace hard drive and a way to directly connect that controller using a USB cable for increased responsiveness.

I guess we'll know for sure on September 7, when Sony's press event will likely also reveal the more powerful PlayStation Neo?

Sony didn't respond to a request for comment, and reportedly also hasn't been responding to other journalists' emails.

In the meanwhile, you can find some alleged size comparisons between the PS4 and PS4 Slim at NeoGAF, and an awful lot of similarly unconfirmed but increasingly legit-sounding info at this Twitter account:

Reportedly, these people just up and bought one of these unreleased PlayStations from UK classified ads site Gumtree, where some are allegedly still on sale! Just be sure to guard yourself against potential scammers.