Singapore's Defence Ministry hit with first cyber attack

Personal information of 850 employees and servicemen was accessed, but no classified information was stolen.

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Singapore has become the latest government to be hit with a cyberattack.

A security breach into an internet access (I-net) system at Singapore's Ministry of Defence in February resulted in the personal data of 850 national servicemen and employees being stolen, reports Channel News Asia. However, no classified information was stolen.

The breach -- the first to happen to the country's Ministry of Defence -- was described by the Ministry as appearing to be "targeted and carefully planned."

"Based on our investigations, [the attack was] not the work of casual hackers of criminal gangs," said the Ministry's Deputy Secretary of Technology, David Koh, during a press briefing. "It's no secret that government agencies are prime targets, and we are under constant cyberattack."

Cyberattacks targeting government systems are becoming increasingly common. Last year, the Russian government allegedly hacked into the US Democratic Party's computer network, gaining access to information related to the presidential election. Last week, NATO's deputy assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges warned cyberattacks have grown to threaten "the fundamental nature of democracy as a whole."

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