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PlayStation Vita manual is online now, get studying

Sony has put online the Vita's English-language manual, a full two months before it's on sale in the UK. Well at least you'll be ready.

The PS Vita went on sale in Japan yesterday, though seeing as it's region-free, there's nothing to stop you importing one. If you have, or even if you're just curious as to the next-gen gamer's abilities, this'll be a godsend -- Sony has uploaded the whole manual online, so you can read up on everything you'll need to know.

Engadget reports that as well as the basic functions, the manual details some of the handheld's limitations. Such as? Well PS Network videos are in standard definition only, so if you want to watch something in 720p HD you'll need to load it yourself using Vita's Content Manager. Doesn't Sony realise how busy we are?

The menu has a colourful layout, detailing everything you could need to know under headings including Party, PS Store, near, Friends, Group Messaging, Trophies, and more. And kudos it hasn't skirted over the fact that the Vita doesn't allow multiple accounts, which we reported yesterday.

If you want to use your account on someone else's Vita, you'll need to do a full factory reset, which could well annoy them, so best ask first. It's not just a case of swapping memory cards, which sounds like a lot of unnecessary hassle, and something we're hoping Sony will find a way around soon.

The Vita goes on sale in the UK on 22 February, and will cost £229 for the Wi-Fi-only model, or £279.99 for the 3G-enabled. It hit Japan yesterday, with this lucky fellow unboxing his for the camera in a nine-minute long video.

Give the manual a look and let us know what you think. Will you be importing one? Or buying one come February? Or is the Vita a last gasp effort in the face of the iPhone and the rise of mobile gaming? Let us know below or on Facebook.