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PlayStation 4 out in the UK before Christmas, ad suggests

A full-page newspaper ad hints that Sony's next console will be on sale this year.

Sony hasn't yet confirmed a definitive UK release date for its new PlayStation 4 console, but a British newspaper ad published today suggests that the upcoming gaming gadget will be lining shop shelves before Christmas.

The ad appeared in today's Metro, spied by Pocket-lint, and states that the PS4 is, "Coming 2013". I spoke to Sony about the ad and was told that the ad simply restates the message that PS4 would be coming in 2013.

When I asked about the UK specifically I was told that Sony would make more announcements at E3, a big gaming conference that kicks off in a few weeks' time.

As such I wouldn't strictly consider this confirmation of the UK release date, but it would be odd for Sony to take out a full-page ad in a Brit newspaper if it didn't plan on releasing the PS4 here before Christmas.

Pre-Noël may seem like the obvious time to launch a console -- and indeed it's in line with what Sony has previously hinted -- but the Japanese tech giant hasn't always managed to get its new gaming devices on sale at the same time across the globe.

The PlayStation Vita notably launched ahead of Christmas in Japan, but arrived in the UK last February, at a time when most gamers were likely feeling a bit skint, and less willing to splash out on a new toy, or lavish gift.

Sony would be daft to repeat that error, especially with Microsoft's Xbox One given a tentative 30 November release date by one UK retailer.

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